Saturday, November 21, 2015



You know when someone is sad,
They could be saying things in a quite emotional ways,

Maybe sebab they are emotionally unstable,
They are confused, they are depressed and sad, could be extremely sad or lonely

They start saying noxious things,
They may making fun of others,
But to be honest they are crying inside

Its happened to me in many times,
I did spoke harsh ways even to my parent sometimes, yeah I know I'm bad

Tapi aku just tak leh nak simpan perasaan or rasa sedih, rasa nak marah ni. I need  to say it out loud. Baru aku puas.

Some people say mungkin aku patut berlapang Dada. Forgive everyone yang sakitkan or kecewakan aku. Ok fine.
I can. Tapi leh me tell you , rasa sedih dikecewakan or sakit hati tu lumrah.

Just because I'm sad tak bermakna aku tak berlapang dada. Aku berhak untuk sad. You hurt me even maybe you THINK you did not hurt me. I have the right to be sad! Whether should i  express it or not je..

Orang kata lepas break up, just move on. But for me, its ok to be sad JUST for a while. Its ok to cry!!! You can't simply just move on. Bad things happen, just acknowledged your sadness

Lepas exam ,result teruk, its ok to be sad but jangan terlalu lama la.

Tue je la,

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