Sunday, June 24, 2012



nothing  to say, lets the pictures tell you .
bunga tak tahu name

im not a good photographer


mom is going to work

nobody home.

used to play here, but i frankly afraid of snake ( there was a snake came out from  here )
my neighbour

birds stuff

made a plate of fried rice, it was tasteless =(

needs to google anything first before doing any food hahah

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hi! How you doing. It's been about what , a month or a year since I last update this blog. It's been a very busy semester. Luckily , I'm resting peacefully in my house now. I don’t want to go back because I am scared with my result. Seriously, I did horribly during last exam. It is not because I don't study or what. It's just the questions are tougher than WE expected. And do you seriously believe that I was studying for the exam? Frankly , I did study but not as hard as I can possibly do. Being in second semester it was just awesome. Maybe because I know my God better. There were many classes of Tauhid and Feqah where I learned many new things. It is like almost possible that I can get all this knowledge if I be in other places. I really really thankful to Allah for what I have now and what I become now. Only Allah the almighty can lift me up to what I have be today. Not to mention , I went to a lot of meetings with the Habibs such as meeting with Habib Umar in Seremban. I also able to watch Habib Ali in Putrajaya . As an Ib student , I luckily able to go to  . And as usual , as a part of reading club member, we did all teaching sessions in SK Pantai which was very exhausted for us and we really really decided to give the club to the junior as soon as possible. There were a lot of things happen during semester two but  lets bygone be bygone. Let's start a new world. 


its been a long time since i had updated by blog , i've been busy lepaking and you know, RESTING TO PUT to specific, haha, so im back! huhuuuuuuuuu love you.