Tuesday, August 16, 2016



Sekadar catatan untuk diri aku.

I was walking in the mall.
Standing in front of mirror,
Proving to myself that im ok with my body now. 
Yea iam really ok with it.

People around me was telling me not to quit.
But i dont have anymore reason to continue this struggle.

I cant even do it for myself. 

Aku xnak kurus. 
And its ok to be fat. ( im not even too fat pon)
It just a number on the scale
That influence by the gravity
Thats all

Kurus tak menjanjikan kebahagiaan pon. 
Bahagia tu disini( hati)

People are more than their weight

Lose weight, good attitude,
Gain weight, bad attitude,
The body is much more complex than that! Its not as easy as calorie output and input. 

Im finnally ditching the scale tonight.

Go for what i look in the mirror from now on. 

Semoga aku terus bersemangat in fitness life aku. Bye 


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