Friday, March 4, 2016



Hai babes and guys.

One point dalam hidup aku,
Aku selalu rasa aku ni selfless,
Because I barely say no to people
But to he honest,
I am so selfish and self center actually

I have 2 weeks holiday which one week, 
I spent with family, 
Second week, i was all alone,
Just cherishmyself 

All by myself,
I went to the beach
I went to majlis ilmu,
Went to the gym, 
Went to the mall,
Went to the book fest alone,
All by myself

I just love being alone,
I feel like a selfish because i did not went home , just be with family,
Cause i dont know,i feel like a burden sometimes, and then i gonna just sit there,
And no nothing

I love everyone. 
I love myself too. 

I dont have to justify myself anyway 
I will do what i want to do


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