Tuesday, November 11, 2014


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Dear readers,
How are you guys? Harap semua sihat. Moga Allah berkati hidup kalian.
Baru baru ni, saya sakit kaki. Hari ni pon. Jalan pon terumbang- ambing tapi gagahkan jugak.
Today,  I did tooth preparations on plaster of Paris. I did palatal extansion.I got good grade. Lately, selalu dapat encourage comments dari lecturer conservative dentistry gua. Rase seronok Giler buat tooth preparations. Hehe getting the rhythm I guest.
Make me wonder. Maybe I have talent in conservative dentistry. May be nak specialize kat sana je walaupun baru buat sikit je dalm cons ni. Haha
Still don't have mood in prostho but ill try my best insyallah.
It reminds me a podcast that I heard today by ustad Norman Ali Khan.
During the time of Rasulallah,
The Arabs were so stubborn, the ahli kitab at that time, did not wanna trust Rasuallah. And the next generation after them were lost in doubts. But still Allah asked the Messenger to give dawah.
Dawah is still need to be given. Because of the problems, therefore dawah should be given. We can only remind people, but to guide them is Allah's Job.
At one point of mylife, I always wonder why should I do things that are difficult to do? I should only do things that are easy tapi semua tu tak betul. Based from the podcast that I heard, we should do hard things ( in our life)  and let the rest taken care by our God. There are too much things out of our control. But perkara ni lah perlu diperbaiki. Thats why we should stay and handle it.

Conservative dentistry dulu susah bagi saya. Tapi sekarang rasa senang sikit. Macam surah dhuha. Permulaan memang susah tapi insyallah akhirnya akan senang. Moga Allah mudahkan islam dan kerja seharian kita. Moga Allah beri kekuatan untuk kita harungi cabaran kehidupan. :)
Yang gembira,

Sorry grammar hancus nak mampos hahha

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